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the little things: county cars

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Those infamous county cars and vans.

If you’ve been in foster care, you know what I mean. They sent a T.O. to pick me up from school one day when I was at the receiving home*. I hid from the van because I didn’t want my classmates to see me.

Of course, I was considered “AWOL” for that, and none of the staff understood why I was so mortified to be seen in that monstrosity. Have you ever tried to explain to a group of middle school bullies why a freakin’ Ford Escort with a COUNTY SEAL picks you up from school every day? Good luck with that one.

When I was old and sent to the county’s Unwanted Kids Facility, I got to go on outings in a county van. We were riding around in STYLE! It was big, it was white, and it stopped at all railroad crossings.

Nobody wanted shotgun.

*receiving home = a county shelter for foster youth who are in between placements


Author: Phoenix

foster youth & social justice advocate, free-thinker, dreaming of true equality becoming a reality.

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