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Foster Care sucks & I survived.

We need more foster youth blogs! Here’s my humble contribution.

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Happy National Foster Care month to anyone who cares! I’ve spent the past two nights staying up way too late and scouring Google for any sites voiced by real, authentic, nitty-gritty foster kids.

I got pages and pages of this…

google results.

did sleep train give me my christmas presents?

…and even the occasional inspirational news story about foster kids advocating for themselves, but had a really hard time finding something written for and by me and my folks — the people who actually went through foster care.

This is a problem. We’ve got our own culture of shared experiences and challenges, but how can we make sense of it all when we’re isolated from each other? I eventually found this amazing blog,  I Was A Foster Kid.  I’ve spent the last hour reading the articles that I could relate to, and I feel sort of relieved. I can’t really find the words to express how good it feels to read someone else’s words describing an experience that resonates with  the ones you’ve shouldered alone all these years.

Not only do I feel good, finally reading in print that somebody else has gone through what I’ve gone through — the little, but so big, things that affect the way I view myself and my world (like being surrounded by adults who you don’t know, shuttled around in ugly county-seal cars by random transportation officers, hoarding every little scrap of paper that you attach some meaning to, because you have nothing else) — but I am inspired to create more stories and share more of my experience.

Because it looks like we’ve all been through some ridiculous sh*t.

And we need to be able to own that.


Author: Phoenix

foster youth & social justice advocate, free-thinker, dreaming of true equality becoming a reality.

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