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Foster Care sucks & I survived.

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I wish I had the energy to write on this blog more, but it’s pretty emotionally taxing coming up with articles.

I still really want to help create more foster-generated content, so I created a tumblr! I thought it would be a good move, since there are a lot of users on tumblr, and since tumblr has a painless submissions system.

Here’s the descriptive blurb:

This is a new blog created for those of us who have spent time in “the system”. I created it because it seems that most of the content in the tags related to foster care are created by foster parents, or fans of foster the people (…they call themselves ‘foster kids’…!!?!?!?!)

What’s missing? Our voice.

I am hoping this blog will be well-received. Tumblr has allowed a safe place to exist for many groups of people with unique circumstances, including a thriving community of survivors from many walks of life..

It’s about time we carve out a space for ourselves.

Although this blog is titled Foster Care Survivor, I acknowledge the connections between foster care, kinship care, out-of-home placements, “troubled teen” placements, and the juvenile justice system – if you were in one of these systems, you are welcome here.

This blog will be accepting asks & submissions of your stories, your links, your thoughts, your creations. This will be a safe space where it’s all about you. 

I will also accept questions from those who have not been in foster care, and whenever those questions are received, they will be open for dialogue. Although there (currently) is one person running this blog, I truly do want this to be for all of us.

Please check it out, and even better, please submit! [*submissions can remain anonymous if the poster so desires*]

I don’t know what the future of this blog is.. Maybe I’ll write on it again, maybe I won’t. The good news is, it’s here when I need it.